Sunny Days Professional Tanning Salon
Ewing Salon
Monday-Thursday 10-9
Friday 10-8
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-4
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Our Tanning Units

Tan in moderation, never burn and always use a Salon Quality Tanning Lotion!


4 levels of facial intensity -
 (High, Medium, Low, Push and Hold for Off)

3 levels of body intensity - (High, Medium, Low)
 Shoulder and hand tanners

Quadruple body mist with room aroma

99.9% UVA - (less likely to burn than any other bed)

 15 min.


 After Bronzer- 3 extra minutes of facial tanning

 Soft, misty breeze through the session

 Continual aromatherapy throughout - fragrances formulated for relaxation

 Frosted for even UV dispersion

 Self contained air conditioner and body and face breeze system.

 12 min plus 3 min After Bronzer

Giant Sun


Short 10-minute session
Less UVB exposure
Adjustable facial tanners


Stand Up Units


Great for an all over tan

 Will tan hard to reach areas like armpits

Level 1
VHR available


VHR Beds


High Pressure VHR lamps to brown your tan
 12 min

 Spaghetti VHR lamps to produce more melanin
 for a longer tan
10 min

 Clients should rotate between
 High Pressure and Spaghetti VHR Beds


Super Beds

Additional facial tanners in each bed

 Entry level tanning unit

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