Sunny Days Professional Tanning Salon
Ewing Salon
Monday-Friday 10-7
Saturday 10-4
Closed Sunday
Hopewell Salon
Monday-Thursday 10-9
Friday 10-8
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-4
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Our Tanning Units

Tan in moderation, never burn and always use a Salon Quality Tanning Lotion!


4 levels of facial intensity -
 (High, Medium, Low, Push and Hold for Off)

3 levels of body intensity - (High, Medium, Low)
 Shoulder and hand tanners

Quadruple body mist with room aroma

99.9% UVA - (less likely to burn than any other bed)

 15 min.

 Only available at Hopewell location


 AfterBronzer- 3 extra minutes of facial tanning

 Soft, misty breeze through the session

 Continual aromatherapy throughout - fragrances formulated for relaxation

 Frosted for even UV dispersion

 Self contained air conditioner and body and face breeze system.

 12 min plus 3 min AfterBronzer

Available at both locations

Giant Sun


Short 10-minute session
Less UVB exposure
Adjustable facial tanners

Only available at Ewing location


Stand Up Units


Great for an all over tan

 Will tan hard to reach areas- arm pits

Available at both locations


VHR Beds


High Pressure VHR lamps to brown your tan
 12 min

 Spaghetti VHR lamps to produce more melanin
 for a longer tan
10 min

 Clients should rotate between
 High Pressure and Spaghetti VHR Beds

Available at both locations


Super Beds

Additional facial tanners in each bed

 Entry level tanning unit

Available at both locations

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