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Organic Airbrush Tanning

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1. AutoBronzer-Airbrush in our AutoBronzer machine $30

2.Custom Organic (98%) Airbrush

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Open-Air AutoBronzer Booth


If Sunless Tanning is your forte' than have we got great news for you. At Sunny Days you have the option of personalized airbrush application from our Certified Airbrush Technician  or our "Open Air" (picture below) spray booth, the Autobronzer. With either option you will be satisfied with your golden brown results. There is no orange color or streaks that have plagued other brands of spray booths. Our booth is nothing like the original spray booths of the past; there is no rubbing in or streaking.
Our spray is completely dry. All of our Tanning Consultants are on duty to assist you with any questions on sunless preparations or follow up questions.

Questions or comments can be emailed to owners@sunnydaystanning.net:

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Look great for your wedding!

 Let Sunny Days prepare your skin to be flawless in your wedding pictures. 
 A tan is wonderfully accentuated with a flowing white gown,
but a tan that is TOO dark can ruin any bride's day. 
Choose Sunny Days Tanning to put you and your groom
on the correct path for a great tan!


What is an Air Brush Tan?

Airbrush Tanning—body airbrushing using an FDA approved ingredient, DHA, (dihydroxyacetone). It is the same ingredient in all the safe self-tanning products.

Our Air Brush Tan simply has:
A delivery system that provides an even application thereby avoiding streaking and blotching. We recommend only one session per week and in some cases we will provide a maximum of two applications in a week for certain skin types.

How Does This Work?

Very simply, the DHA (dihydroxyacetone) reacts with the amino acids (proteins) in the outermost layer of your skin. Note: Those cells are already “dead skin”. It takes about six hours for the reaction to complete and look tan.

Is this safe?

The active ingredient is dihydroxyacetone and has been approved by the FDA for cosmetic applications. The balance of the spray is composed of inert carrying agents. We have not, to date, had any such reaction to our product.

How long does the Air Brush Last?
We have found that the length of tan is determined by the following factors:
The skin type - A persons skin type will react to an Air Brush Tan very much like it does to the natural sun.

The amount of “wear” - Only the outermost layer of skin is “tanned”. As the skin layer is lost, so is the tan. Wear comes from rubbing, soaking in water or long showers, tight clothing, “scratchy” clothing or bleach. You wouldn't’t use an SOS pad on the finish of your new car, so don’t be abrasive to your skin and you will keep your tan longer. Finally, dry skin will shorten the life of your tan! So—Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!! It depends on you. For most people 5-7 days.

How long should I allow for the treatment?
The application takes about 5—10 minutes. Always, allow 20-30 minutes whenever you come in for an appointment.

How often should I tan? Is every day all right?
We suggest once a week, but that depends on your personal tan “wear”. We will not schedule tanning applications more than twice a week. Excessive applications may result in some discoloration.

What should I wear to be sprayed and will it damage my clothes?
You can wear a swim suit just as you would at the beach and our spray will wash out just fine with out damage to your suit or you may wish to avoid tan lines and just wear a bottom.

Call the salon with any questions



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